Who, When & Where


Co-Create is a project that aims to set up a network of competitive MED clusters with the contribution of creative industries.

The Co-Create project was implemented between November 2016 and January 2020. Nonetheless, the benefits from this project will still be present past this date.


Co-Create is a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund that will be applied in various regions from 7 European countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal and France.

This project puts together partners coming from different consortia of different EU areas. As many transnational projects run in parallel across Europe, Co-Create will foster the exchange of experiences and the transfer of results among them and will enable a consolidation of insights, bundling of competences and thus create added value and increased scope.

Co-Create point of view is transnational as it intends to set up a transnational community of multimedia and digital competence providers to support innovation for clusters, organize a cross-clusters initiative to promote ideas from youths and creatives addressed to traditional sectors at transnational level, strenghten the cooperation with EU networks and EU Programmes for the sustainability of these projects.