Why & How



Mechanics, building and furniture are traditional MED sectors with a great impact in terms of GDP and employability. These sectors,often clusters,are suffering a lack of innovation able to strengthen their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

The competition from others countries is strong and social trends required new solution: innovation is necessary to win competitors. Actually, the generation of ideas for new products and services according to social and technological trends is one of the main challenge for these clusters.



Co-Create aims to set up a network of competitive MED clusters with the contribution of creative industries.


The MED sectors include various types of companies such as mechanics, building and furniture industries. These sectors, often structured in clusters, have a great impact in terms of GDP and employability but they are facing a loss of competitiveness in both domestic and international markets.

Sadly, this is one result of a lack of innovation and generation of ideas for new products and services according to social and technological trends; which is one of the main challenges for these clusters.


The overall objective of Co-Create project is to support the competitiveness of MED clusters of traditional sectors by stimulating cross-industries cooperation and enabling the promotion of innovative products and services.

By using this cross-fertilization between creative industries (cultural, arts, design, advertising...) and traditional clusters (Mainly mechanical, building, furniture and IT sectors). Co-Create wants to test co-design and creative methods applied to entrepreneurs and clusters managers with the support of IPR instruments for their management.

Furthermore, this project seeks to promote the cooperation with new methodologies and tools addressed to clusters managers, SME’s and policy makers.

Finally, Co-create will contribute to the development at MED level of more competitive clusters through the elaboration of a cross fertilization methodology and toolkit to support and manage cross-clusters initiatives.